The Blue Room was given life in 1991 by Chris Schlesinger, Carrie Wheaton and Stan Frankenthaler. They were the trailblazers who decided to open a restaurant in what was, 20 years ago, the middle of nowhere.

In 1996, I bought the restaurant from Chris and Carrie after having been their GM. For sixteen years now, I’ve crossed the floor of The Blue Room chatting, offering a warm welcome and working to serve delicious, conscientious food. Twelve years ago, I was joined by my wife Liz in this endeavor and together we have committed ourselves to excellence in the Boston and Cambridge restaurant community.

The Blue Room has stood for all things local, sustainable, delicious, whole and unique since it’s inception and to this day it’s one part of the business model we don’t change. The other piece of our business we hope to never change is our hospitable spirit. Beyond those two things we like to remain progressive and we believe we have refined and improved over the years. Raising the bar again and again never grows old.

What can we tell you about our history here? Oh there’s lots of it, a love story or two and a few bad break-ups but all in all we’re like any thing that’s moving forward—we’re focused on what today brings and the future.

Perhaps there is a piece of our history we do focus on: Julia Child. She came to visit us often over the years. Each time she would call and leave her legendary voice on our voicemail requesting a table. She never said who she was, just who she was coming with. After dinner, as she did every time, she then made her way to the kitchen to thank all the cooks. But one evening, different from the others she said to me as she turned from the line, “I love The Blue Room because it smells like a restaurant.”

And that is a piece of our history we will never forget.

Now, 19 years later after parking in the same spot, using the same set of restaurant keys, walking down the same set of stairs, stealing cookies from Mia and making a meal out of Iggy’s bread, Liz and I are as insanely committed to The Blue Room as ever. Two years ago, we expanded our family and opened Central Bottle Wine + Provisions in Central Square just so The Blue Room wouldn't feel lonely. And now, we find ourselves re- conceiving a portion of The Blue Room into something entirely different and quite exciting. We are delighted to bring you Belly, a wine bar, for thirsty Cantabrigians who were seeking all things wine.

We hope to see you,

Nick + Liz